Time Recording

The Time Sheet Entry routine is used to record time spent by fee earners on matters. Time functions include: Post time, writeoff time, WIP (Work In Progress), reduce WIP on a matter.

Client/Matter Details

The program is used to add new clients and matters and amend or delete existing clients/matters. You can locate the required client and/or matter by the unique matter reference number; by name, part name or name contains; by matter description. A single client can be linked to many matters by client number and you can search all matters by client.

Matter Ledger Enquiry

The layout of the accounting details is based upon the traditional ledger card format allowing office, client, deposit and disbursment entries, together with running balances. 10 ledger entries per card are clearly displayed showing in detail all individual transactions. A seperate module dispalys the overall account position on one clear and uncluttered card, which can be further drilled down.

Bank Reconciliation System

An unlimited number of client and office bank accounts (control accounts) can be maintained each with its own reconciliation facility. Designated or notional deposit accounts may be maintained for each matter.

Invoices and Reminder letters

Reminder letters for late payment of bills and invoices can be produced in a standard format, which includes client and bill/disbursment details. Invoices are prduced in traditional format include all invoice

Abacus Legal Accounts